About this Club

Anime refers to the animation style originated in Japan. It is characterized by distinctive characters and backgrounds that visually set it apart from other forms of animation. Story lines range from different kinds of genre, and aim to all kinds of audiences of different age.

Manga is a Japanese “Comic”. Just like Marvel Comics, but are printed in black and white and it comes from Japan. Manga has a mixture of different types of styles. Making each one different from every artist that draws them. The books are read from Right to Left.

Graphic Novels are another type of "comic" that we go over. They are stories like "Edgar Allen Poe" and "Shakespeare". We may or may not spend a lot of time on them. It will depend on how many members we have and who wants to talk about them.

We come in every Monday after-school so that we each can share what we have read. We also will have fun activities from time to time where we all can join in and have fun.

Everyone who is interested in Manga or anime is welcome to this club.