Kearns High Manga Club!!

Welcome!!!! Kearns High Manga Club is happy to be your host! Pleas feel free to browse around our website and let us know if anything interests you!! (Emails are down at the moment so just keep us in mind until they get back to running properly)

We are the Kearns High School Manga Club. We are a group of students who like to read the manga selection in our school library. We do many things from sharing stories to finding a new selection for future readers.

In the manga club we will do anything from reading the book to watching the movie. We have activities and many other fun things.
We have had an art contest where everyone brought in their anime drawings.

To the left side of the page you will see all the different pages. Each one is specially made for a part of our club.
To keep up to date on what we are doing, go to the Group Activities Page.

Any questions about the club or if you wish to join, Contact Us.